28.6 trailer of the convesation with DARIO PEGORETTI

28.6 this is just the trailer but the documentary is gonna be ready soon..... i m working on
thank to dario pegoretti to be himself :)

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  1. Camilla-
    Stoked you uploaded this! I remember you telling me about it in McCarren (avoided the BFF completely this year.) I wanna repost this! Can you host it on YouTube or something along those lines? Pleeeease!
    -Ethan Laek

  2. Ho' visto un pezzo di questo documentario sul'iphone di Dario,conoscendoti solo come fotografa ti volevo fare i miei complimenti.
    Ciao Walter
    PS: bellissima anche la tshirt che gli hai fatto.

  3. che bello sentire parlare con l'accento veneto un telaista.

  4. Ciao Camilla,
    This is fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished product. I had the pleasure a couple of years ago of sitting with Dario in his kitchen for a couple of hours, drinking coffee and talking about bikes. He had just finished and shipped my Marcelo and it is a work of art and beauty. Every time I get on that bike I think of that time and send Dario strength and good wishes.
    Kris (from Seattle but now in Amsterdam)

  5. ...fa bene al cuore sentire parlare così pedalando a ruota libera, sincero come un colpo di pedale, schiéto come el vin, vivare de passion, no l'è mia da tutti...comunque sia l'è belo saver che ghè gente cossì....storie bele..

  6. grazie thanks to all .... sorry for the super late answer : )